Levitate Coffee Roasters
A Small Batch Coffee Company



You have come to this page, looking for a brief summary about the company, but really we are here for you.

The goal behind Levitate was to procure amazing, holy shit, eye-opening coffee. The shit that keeps you awake in the morning, when your body feels like a pile of jello and you're slow moving. Coffee that gets you into your fastest gear.

Small-batch coffee: Roasting green coffee beans in smaller batches reduces the time between it being produced and being shipped-yielding a fresher, more antioxidant filled product.

The current coffee industry offers you this: An uninformative experience, lacking information, a lack of awareness that truly provides you with what you are putting into your body. The main focus for much of the industry is focused around producing and selling, and forgets about the heart and soul of coffee.

We wanted to introduce a brand that kept our client base informed, so you acknowledge and understand what you are drinking and how it can benefit more than just daily productivity.

Levitate Coffee Roasters is a company that has been planted and procured from the ground up. It has been built on the belief in something larger than profitability. We believe in sustainability and sourcing from farming practices that benefit local areas, while providing you a fairly priced product.

We are here to add to an industry that has been weighed down by production and output.

We are here to provide you product that is going to lift your senses, mind, body, and health.

We are here to make you Levitate.