Levitate Coffee Roasters
A Small Batch Coffee Company

Chloe Potter

Chloe is the Sole Owner of Levitate Coffee Roasters.

Her partner in life, Xavier, is often apart of the “we” mentioned, helping her roast, package, and deliver.

Her love from coffee came from finding home in Local coffee shops and cafes all around the world from the East and West Coast to Italy and London.

While life has always provided an endless source of adventure, continuous moving, and travel, home is where the coffee bean is.

Coffee shops are where you can find a variety of people, conversation, and familiarity.

Chloe wanted to be able to create an open dialogue and atmosphere of what her version of what “home” means to others, a beautiful crafted cup of coffee. The “Vlog” aka Video Blog section is where any questions, concerns, exciting events and new product, and personal occurrences/happenings will be posted weekly (ranging from just a few minutes, to over an hour).

Q and As are welcomed, as she feels she wants to grow with her people. You have a question about anything?


Lets Levitate together.