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This is strictly about you. Give us your stories, or experiences with coffee. It can be anything from serious to funny to informative. We want to hear it all. Did you spill coffee on yourself on an all white shirt on your first date? Did you meet your best friend at a coffee shop and talk about your favorite book? Or give your feelings on how you’re enjoying Levitate coffee.

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Andre Larmond

“First off, I'm not much of a coffee fan. In the past, the vast majority of the times I've had coffee, in any form, the caffeine did nothing for my energy levels etc., so I basically stopped drinking the stuff.

I have recently been doing an Intermittent fasting/ Ketogenic Diet, and all the "experts" say how black coffee can help with cravings etc, so I figured I'd drink it just for the appetite suppression. 

Upon trying Levitate Coffee Roasters cold brew product, all I can say is "WOW"- and here's why.

1. The taste- The cold brew is so full-bodied. I drink the cold brew BLACK, and it's amazing. Keep in mind, I'm not really a true coffee drinker. It just has a smooth quality to it and a nice little kick, in the end, to let you know that the energy cometh

2. The effect- The energy effect from this coffee is similar to a pre-workout drink. I don't have the jitters, but I do have extreme focus and my cravings are zero, which has helped me lose 100lbs, but that's another story altogether.  

In conclusion, Levitate Coffee Roasters is the best I've ever had. I'm to the point where if I'm out of town, and can't get my Levitate fix, all other coffee pales in comparison and I just go without... until I can get my Levitate fix. That's it. I've tried other store brands and Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks etc. They all pale in comparison, in every way. They all taste watered down and really just lack the quality that I taste (and feel) from Levitate's Cold Brew. 

I Highly recommend.”

Maegan Walls

“It’s ‘bean’ such a long time since I’ve had coffee this good.”